Monday, July 9, 2012

Hybrid Flowering Tobacco

Another drought tolerant plant, this is Nicotiana x sanderae 'Crimson Bedder'.  It's a hybrid of Nicotiana alata and Nicotiana forgetiana.  Picture taken July 2, 2012.

Link to Nicotiana x sanderae:

Link to Nicotiana:


  1. Hi Nick! Great photos! It seems that the beautiful flowers at Horticulture gardens really are the gifts that keep on giving. Thanks for sharing them- and your great knowledge of these plants. I have linked your blog to my site so that others may also see your wonderful images and posts.

    All the Best,

    1. Thanks Renate,

      Although my own photos are not as good as a lot of photography on the web. That's one reason I try to provide links to other pictures.

      Hope you can visit Purdue again sometime soon!


    2. Well, I like them! Next time I visit Purdue I will let you know, I would love to stop by the Herbarium and see you!

      Take care!